Friday, December 9, 2011

Haiti Christmas

Merry Christmas from Haiti!!!  Lauren, Linda, and Ashley had fun putting sand dollar ornamnents on our "Christmas tree". 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Radio GVCM is huge success!

Radio GVCM is spreading God's Word throughout the town of Mirebalais, Haiti, and the surrounding villages! The other night I was visiting one of my friends, and I asked her if she wanted her solar-powered radio turned on. She said,"Yes", so I turned it on. I thought the voices sounded like the cooks here at the orphanage. I ran down to the radio station room, and Madame Jeanette and Sister Lioniece were singing praise songs over the radio! How exciting it was to see the community be a part of the station! Next, some of the children sang over the radio. They sounded beautiful!

Our house is coming along. We had a setback yesterday. Water started pouring out of the electrical box when it started raining. The owner came to fill the open pipes on the roof with cement. Hopefully that will keep a waterfall from flowing down the wall of pur bedroom! :)

We went to Port-au-Prince today to get a propane stove. First, we checked at the office to see if we could find the black tops for Michael and Renea's stove. Praise God, we found them! I can't wait to try to make chocolate chip cookies! I made a banana pudding last night using evaporated milk because I didn't have any regular milk. It tasted pretty good.

Things here are already starting to feel not as foreign as the first week. The sound of the language is familiar, but I am still waiting for the Holy Spirit to come on me like at Pentecost so I can know the language! This week has not been a good week for language learning because we have been so focused on the house. I had no idea it would take so long to put screen up on the bars.

We are having Bible study at our house tomorrow night! I am so excited to have our first event! I am praying for a good study and good fellowship!
Serving Christ,
Tracy Bolin

Friday, October 21, 2011

Our first week in Haiti!!

Monday: What an amazing day! Ashley started homeschooling, and then Ashley and I went to the GVCM Clinic To be pharmacists. We went with Doctor Luke, Nickelson, and Emmanuel. We saw 55 patients. I distributed the medicine, and Ashley distributed crayons and paper for the kids that were waiting. We played the New Testament in Creole while the people were waiting. Such sweet families! Kevin and Yves went to the river to get sand and got the truck stuck three times! Pastor Yves said, "we did pray today, didn't we?". Kevin said,"Oh, yes, Brother". They were able to get the sand needed in order to build the radio antenna tower, which should go up tomorrow! We are so excited to get the Word of God spreading through this area!

Tuesday: Nickelson, Kevin, Ashley, and I went into Port au Prince today in order to buy rope for the radio antenna tower. After we paid for the rope, Kevin and Nicki went back to get the rope cut. Ashley and I decided to wait at the exit for them, thinking that it should not take long. As we were waiting, I was smiling at people that were coming and going, trying to be friendly. Most people just looked at me like I was crazy and kept walking. One man smiled back kindly and walked out the door. A few seconds later, he came back in and asked me if I was from the states. I told him that yes, I was, expecting to get a story about how he needs some shoes, or how he always wanted to go to the states, could I take him. His next question was if I was a Christian. I told him,"Yes, I know Jesus!". He Said,"Well, okay. I was just going to tell you about Jesus if you didn't know.". Then he smiled and walked out of the store. God is working in a mighty way in this country!

Wednesday: Ashley, Kevin, and I started painting the rebar pieces that will make up the radio antenna tower. We started out in the sun, but we quickly moved to the shade. New lesson: It's cooler in the shade! Lol! We painted the sections three colors, red, white, and green. My legs and arms were spotted red, white, and green! :). Once school was out, we had several children surrounding us, and we practiced counting up to fifty In English and Creole. We sang "I have the joy in my heart" and other songs. It was so fun to just casually teach! During the evening, one of the cooks brought over some peas to shell. Ashley, Emmanuel, and several of the kids played a game for about an hour as they shelled peas.

Thursday: We spent the day watching the radio antenna tower go up and the base for the satellite dish get cemented in the ground. The radio antenna tower is now about 20 feet tall. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. The welder climbed up the rebar poles and used a bar with a pulley at the top to pull the next section of tower up. The kids all love to watch, but we are worried about their safety and shoo them off. Of course, it doesn't take long until they are right back watching. The tower going up is great entertainment! None of us have ever seen this before!

Friday (today): Kevin spent the day going into Port au Prince to get bolts and other items needed for the radio station. Ashley and I spent the first half of the day with Doctor Luke and Emmanuel at the clinic. When we were finished, we all started walking back to the orphanage. We decided to stop by our house in order to see if it was finished yet. The gate was locked, so we could not get in. Doctor Luke called Jude to come get us. While we were waiting, one of our new neighbors brought out plastic chairs for us to sit in. I think God has blessed us with good neighbors! The radio antenna tower is now up to 40 feet in the air! It is amazing to watch heavy rebar sections of tower lifted into place, high above the ground, without any power equipment. I love watching Haitian ingenuity! We are praying that the station will be on air by Tuesday. One little orphan boy, Evanson, fell asleep on my lap this evening while we were watching the slow progress of the tower. So sweet! I also took care of one of the men's toe when it was cut on the wheelbarrow. Our days are blessed by God!

Monday, September 26, 2011

2 Weeks to Go!!

We have been packing what we will need for a few months to send it ahead to Florida. Then it will fly with us on Missionary Flights International. Here is the plan, but we know God has the real plan!!
9/27/2011: ship 700 pounds to Florida.
9/30/2011: Ashley's last day at Trinity Christian Academy
10/11/2011: Kevin, Tracy, and Ashley fly to Florida
10/13/2011: Kevin, Tracy, and Ashley fly to Port au Prince, Haiti
10/19/2011: missionaries from HCJB and Men for Missions come to Mirebalais, Haiti to install the radio equipment for Radio Global Vision radio 4VEN. The evangelical voice of the nation.
10/20/2011: Radio Global Vision 4VEN is on the air, fighting the prince of the kingdom of the air!!!!
10/22/2011: Lauren finishes varsity volleyball with Trinity Christian Academy
10/24/2011: Lauren flies to Port au Prince, Haiti.
The Bolins begin language and cultural training.
February: Trinity Bible Church team flies to Haiti to distribute Christmas shoeboxes. The library books arrive!!!
Early spring: the library is opened!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Teacher Training Trip Was Huge Success!!!

Teachers of 2011
Teacher Training Trip is Huge Success!
This year's teacher training trip consisted of 95 teachers. These teachers came from all over Haiti to hear what we had to say.

The Teacher Training Trip was Important to These Teachers !
The teacher training lasted three days. The teachers attended five classes a day. The teachers learned many new ways to teach, and they learned a few new facts, as well. To give some examples, they learned that there is such a thing as a north and souh pole. They learned where their country is on the map. They learned that rocks do NOT grow if you plant them, and much more. On the last day Shelly McCarty asked them if they were ready for it to be over, and they all screamed ,"NO ! "
Because of your donations we had just enough bags, and the teacher stuff to fill them. Once again, God provided everything that we needed. All Glory to Him!!
We are so thankful to every person that has helped us move into our temporary apartment and has helped with our getting ready to move to Haiti and in opening the radio station and library.  You are blessings to us and the people in Haiti!  God bless you!!!!!

the out side of the library/radio satation

inside the library
The above pictures
are of the library.
The top picture is the
outside, and the bottom
is one of the rooms inside.
The library and radio
station are coming
along very well.
We recently
got a new shipment
of books from our
good friend Daniel
in France.
It is getting closer to
our time to leave and
in order to do this
Kevin turned in and got
approved for a leave of
absence from Lowe's.
His last day was
August 12.

Please continue to
pray for our family,
as the devil
continues to attack us.

Kevin, Tracy, Lauren, & Ashley

Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 1/2 months to go

Just an update about what we have been doing for the past couple of weeks. We have been going through everything and putting our things in boxes labeled garage sale, Haiti, or trash. I thought we were pretty good about not having a lot of stuff, but, wow, a family of four can collect a lot of stuff in eleven years.

We have started taking karate at The Karate University. We have learned so much already! I think the girls and I will be able to defend ourselves much better now. Kevin will be able to protect all of us, too! The instructors are so patient with us, and they are encouraging, too. I wish we would have taken karate years ago!

Today Ashley went to Hurricane Harbor with Courtleigh, while Lauren and I went through boxes of stuff that our team is taking this July to Haiti when we do our teacher training seminar. A sweet friend, Tish, has donated almost two hundred t shirts. Lauren and I sorted them by size, folded them, and then rolled them as we put them into two suitcases weighing 50 pounds each.

Then we went out to the garage and got eleven boxes full of school supplies ready for our team to pack in their suitcases. So many people have donated so many school supplies and clothes. We are so thankful to everyone that has been so generous!

I also took Lauren out in the car today to try to learn parallel parking. I think that may be a better job for Kevin! :). We found a truck parked on the street, and she practiced parking behind it. She didn't hit anything, but when she finally tried to park in front of an actual car, she ended up about two feet from the curb, and I couldn't figure out how to tell her to get closer! Thankfully we were on York Street, which isn't too busy. We went in and ate in
the new Yesterday's restaurant.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beginning of a new walk with God

As the school year comes to a close I have mixed feelings. I will miss the kids, teachers, and everyone at Trinity that has impacted my life and the girls'. Living and serving with people for eleven years gives a lot of time for deep roots to grow. God has taught me so many things at Trinity, but I do look forward to what God has in store for us in Haiti.

Our new life in Haiti will hopefully start by the end of September. I am in awe of how the Lord has provided so many needed things for our mission. God is providing people that share the vision of the mission God is calling us to. He is providing someone to drill a well for the Thompsons and us. He has provided so many books for the library. He has provided the equipment needed for the radio station. He has provided house plans, and it looks like He will provide the materials to build the house and a way to get the materials there. Our God is a great and mighty God!!!!

We received shipment from McGraw Hill yesterday. It was full of science experiment materials that we will use for the teacher training in July, and we will let teachers check out materials for their classes. Praise God!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Read-a-Thon a HUGE success!!!!!

This week we have been reminded how important it is to follow through with a vision God gives you, even if in the process things are not happening the way you thought or hoped that they would.

Several months ago we began praying for ways to get books for the library in Haiti.  The idea that God gave me was to have Read-a-Thons.  I was so excited to get children in America reading so that children in Haiti will have books to begin to learn to read.  However, I was so disheartened when several read-a-thons didn't happen.  Linda Tighe was so faithful to go through with the read-a-thons with the home-school groups.  The response was not what we had hoped for, but we were excited that several families answered the challenge to read in order to get money to buy Haitian Creole books for Haiti.  Now we know that the response was even better than we could have even thought or imagined.

This is the letter written by a twelve year old home-schooler's mom:

Jordan was so very excited to participate in the Read-a-thon.  We watched as the Lord performed a miracle in her as she read for this read-a-thon.  She has had an incredible journey learning to read with several mountains in the way.  But, between September and February, we saw several roadblocks removed by the Lord, and by the end of February she had read her first chapter book mostly by herself. (A Boxcar Children book)  Then, she decided that she "had" to participate in the read-a-thon, and then she set what we thought was a crazy goal.  Then, she decided that she would take on another challenge.  She would let those who sponsor her suggest books for her to read.  Well, one suggested a Chronicle of Narnia book.  After diligently reading a few chapter books on her level, she decided to take the challenge of reading a book that we felt was way above her level.  And, to our amazement, she succeeded with excitement!  She then went on to read a second book in the same series.  So, we went from The Cat in the Hat in September, to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in March!  After years of struggle with phonetic awareness and colored film, she is now reading on grade level and SHE LOVES IT!!!

We kept her sponsors updated with a weekly newsletter, which she had fun helping create.  All through this endeavor we have been praying for the children in Haiti and all who will be blessed by this library.  I, as the mother of a child who has recently unlocked the mystery of reading, and has, I believe, been healed, am very excited about what God can and will do with these books in the lives and hearts of those in Haiti.
Sincerely,  A home school mom

WOW!!!  I cannot believe the reading progress this girl was able to accomplish.  God obviously had this planned for her the whole time.  We never know what God is going to do.  He is so amazing and creative!!!  May the Lord continue to bless all involved with the opening of the Christian library and radio station.  I can't wait to see what He is going to do next!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It is like Christmas in March!!!

Scott Marsh emailed to let us know that a box of books for Haiti had been delivered to the church.  I went to pick it up today, and I was so surprised at how big it was!  I looked at the packing list, and the names of the books just seemed to go forever.  The customs paper said that the value was 280,000 something!! I hope that is not US$!!! 
We opened the box tonight, and The Learning for Life Center has just doubled its number of books!!!  Derek Prince Ministries in France has donated over 90 books for the library!

Some of the titles are:

God's Word Heals
The Abundance of God
The Roman Pilgrimage
Appointment in Jerusalem
Called to Conquer
The Power of the Sacrifice
Explaining Blessings and Curses
Secrets of a Prayer Warrior
Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting
Who is the Holy Spirit?
Spiritual Warfare
If You Want God's Best...
Blessing or Curse, You Can Choose!!
Pray for the Government
and so many more!!!  What a blessing!  I am so excited that so many people will be able to grow in the knowledge of the Lord!!!
Thank you, Derek Prince Ministries in France, and thank you EVERYONE that has donated money or books to help the Learning for Life Center in Haiti grow!  May God bless your giving!!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

God is working!!!

       Daniel, with ACSI France, just received 12 new books from the Swiss Publishing House RDF “Realit├ęs de la Foi Digest’, check webpage. that are to be donated to The Learning for Life Center in Haiti.  Mr. Christian Strahm donated the books.  
       We have also found out that McGraw-Hill has math and geography books available with Haitian Creole and French PDF files.  We have plans to print these PDF files and attach them to the books.  A sales representative for McGraw-Hill, David Malaska, is donating these books to The Learning for Life Center.
         Please join us in providing books to educate the Haitians by making a tax-deductible donation to .  Our goal is to open the library with 1,000 books.  Currently, we have 127 books for the library.
        We have turned in the application to Conatel for the license for the radio station.  Please pray that we will be able to communicate with the proper authorities to make this process complete.  Pray that the station will be looked upon with favor and that the benefit to the community will be understood.
       You can listen to the radio station programs at http://www.http// .

       "God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son."  I John 5:11b

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Commission to Every Nation

We are now part of the Commission To Every Nation family!  We are so excited to be part of this wonderful organization!
Commission To Every Nation is "helping ordinary people partner with God to accomplish the extraordinary".  That is so us!!  We are so ordinary that I cannot even believe that God would be able to use us in another country.  The Lord certainly uses the foolish things in this world!!
I praise God for this group of people that desires for God's Word to be spread across the globe.  I pray that we will be able to attend
the orientation in March.  Kevin just needs to be able to get the time off from work.  It is only the busiest time of the year for home improvement stores, but with God, anything is possible.  The monumental task of gathering partners seems huger than huge.  Often I feel that it will never happen.  But, I know God has opened so many doors already, so my faith is in Him!  He will provide what we need, and I just need to rest in Him. Oh, and work as hard as I can while I am resting in Him!  :)
In Christ's service,
Tracy         March 8, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Zonta group

I was so privileged to speak to the Weatherford Zonta group today.  What an inspiring group of ladies!  They were so encouraging, and they desire to help us help the people of Haiti!!!  God is working in ways I never even knew about.  One lady has contacts with Group Publishing, and she is going to get a team of ladies visit Haiti and conduct workshops for women and children. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pictures of the Learning for Life Center at Fedja, Haiti

The Learning for Life Center at Fedja, Haiti.  The library and radio station will be on the top floor.

School kids are already hanging out!!!  I can't wait to share books with these kids!!!!!!!
Just waiting for some books and a roof!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In June, as we were hiking down the trail to visit the local village, Watson decided that he wanted to come along.  Some adults started yelling, "Get on home.  You are not going to climb up and down the trails in your school clothes.  You get home and change into your play clothes." 

He turned around, smiled for his picture, and then ran home to change. 

Watson is one little boy that will have the advantage of reading literature in the Learning for Life Center.