Our washing machine:  Linda, Ashley, Lauren, and Tracy
Linda and Ashley washing our clothes by hand.
Our Lakay (house)

Ashley's room

Lauren's room

The bathroom.  Lots of toilet paper. :)
The kitchen
Food basket one
Food basket two
Food basket three:  the juice basket.  YUM!
Our fridge.  This one only lasted a month.  We have another one just like this attached to a
regulator so the electricity won't burn it up.
The dining room.
Kevin and Tracy's room.  Still on air mattresses.  Makes it easy to make the bed. :)
The entry/livingroom/hallway
Kitty found a good spot.
The cooking area, also known as the garage.
The entry/living room/hallway.
Our gate.  Notice the razor wire that surrounds us. 
Our dryer.
My three cutie pies!!
Our ugly chicken...
became this.  Linda is plucking the feathers off.
And it became this.  Yum!!!