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We are so happy to be working with Kore Foundation and Fish Ministries in spreading chicken businesses throughout Haiti!  We love the concept of providing families with the ability to provide for themselves through growing and selling chickens.  A donation of $1,500 provides a family with the materials and education to begin a chicken business.  Here are some pictures of some families that have already started their business.



 Roseline and Reonald

 The chicks arrived in an air-conditioned van.
 Each box has 100 chicks inside.  Each farmer will get 2 boxes, 200 chicks.
 Checking the chicks to make sure they are all alive.

 The chicks free of the box.
Sister Odilon is sweeping out her coop to get ready for her first 200 chicks.  The coops are made of metal with a cement floor.  A cut-out in the back lets the owners wash the coops with Clorox after each round of 200 chicks is sold, about every 6 weeks.

 Foundation for the chicken coop!

 The foundation is a great place to rest!  In fact, the first night the families in Pithon received their chicks, we went to check on them.  Many of them were sleeping in the coop because they were so nervous about protecting them.

 This family was blessed to have the chicken coop when their house fell.  Their house was a wooden structure, and one day in January, it fell.  Thankfully, they did not have chickens at the time.  When we visited them, they had moved everything from their house into their chicken coop.  They gave praise to God that He had provided them a temporary house while they built a house out of brick, using the money God had provided from the chicken business.

 320 bags of food.  Some of the farmers helped load it into a container at GVCM.

 Look at the size of the 10'x20' chicken coop compared to her house!  The house is a square.

 The chicken farmers put fresh wood shavings on the floor of the coop before each round of 200 chickens.
 The first two hours the chicks receive water with vitamins.

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