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October 26, 2014
We went to a church in Feja and gave out 16 Bibles!

The first week of August, 2014 we gave out 57 Bibles with the Trinity Bible Church team!  I will try to get pictures posted.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014, we went to Pastor Cadeau Fonfil's church to give out Bibles.  The fever, chickagunga caused 11 of the twenty that were going to say the 9 verses not show up.  One lady, however, wanted a Bible so desperately that she came anyway.  She said all 9 verses perfectly, but when I kissed her on the cheek as I gave her a Bible, I could feel how hot she was with the fever.  I pray that the Lord will heal everyone that is sick with this fever!

  Sunday, May 24, 2014, we went to Feja, Haiti, and gave out 20 Bibles to the people that said nine Bible verses.
They were so kind to give us many pineapples to show their gratitude for the Bibles!

 Saying the 9 verses.

 Yay!  Finished!

Saying the 9 verses.

All 20 people that got a Bible!

March 22, 2014 we went on an hour and forty minute hike up a mountain to take 20 Bibles to Bwa Joli, Haiti.  17 people received a Bible.  They were so kind to offer horses to carry the Bibles, and at times us, up the mountain.  They also gave us coffee and bread when we reached the church.

 Waiting to say the verses.
 Coffee and bread, yum!
 Drinking coffee and eatiing bread.
 Practicing the verses one last time.
 The youth that spoke before we gave out the Bibles.

In March, 2014,we also went to Blanchard to give out the Bibles.  They had written with rocks, "Welcome GVCM".  So kind!!


"Oh, I know I can say them all!"

 It's not all serious!

 The church in Blanchard
 She did it!

 It says, "Welcome GVCM" in rocks.

At the end of January 2014, we gave out Bibles at a church in Byas.

At the beginning of October 2013, we gave out 6 Bibles to people in our neighborhood that said the 9 Bible verses.  I didn't end up with pictures of everyone.

In early September 2013, we went to a church in Peligre, Haiti, and gave out 20 Bibles, but I forgot my camera!  Yikes!
The second part of September 2013, we gave out 19 Bibles at another church in Peligre.  I remembered my camera! Yay!

At the beginning of August 2013 we went back to Corporant, Haiti, to give out 18 more Bibles.

June 23, 2013
We went to a church in Corporant, Haiti today to listen to 20 people say the 9 Bible verse and get a Creole Bible.  We also gave them a Radio Vision Global t-shirt.  They did a great job!

June 16, 2013

We went to Byas, Haiti today to listen to 12 people say the 9 Bible verses and get a Bible.  Frantzy is the friend that told us about the people in this area that needed Bibles.

June 2, 2013   This afternoon we went to a Baptist church to hand out Bibles.  First, pictures of the twenty people that said the 9 Bible verses.   Then, a short video from the pastor's wife saying thank you for everyone that made the Bible's possible for them!!!!










We gave out ten Bibles, but I forgot my camera.  A friend took pictures of some of them, and I will try to get their pictures soon.

THANK YOU to everyone that is making the Bible program possible!!!  As of today, May 7, 2013, we have worked together to hand out 98 Bibles!!!!  

Sunday, May 5, 2013 we went to Frantzey's friend's house.  He told me about his friend that is the only Christian in her family, but she couldn't come to Pastor Samuel's church.  So, I gave him the paper with the verses to give to her, and today we went to her house.  She said all nine Bible verses.  As we walked down to her house, we heard several radios playing our station, and Frantzey asked if we could come back, so this next Sunday we will be going back to let more people say the verses.

Frantzey on the left, with his friend holding her new Bible.

Sunday, May 5, 2013 we returned to Pastor Samuel's church for the third and final time.  Thankfully, we did not have rain this time!!  We are so thankful to everyone that has donated to this project to spread the Word of God to the people of Haiti!!!!

April 28, 2013, Sunday evening we went to Pastor Samuel's church for the second time.  Once again the rain was very loud.  We had to wait for the generator to be turned on, but we still had 14 people say all 9 Bible verses.


April 28, 2013

In the morning we went to the Christian Church in Balumette so that people there could say the nine Bible verses in order to get a Haitian Creole Bible.
To get to Balumette, you have to cross the Artibonite in hand cut canoes.  The man in the middle is using an ax to make this new canoe.


Last night, April 21, 2013, 14 people said nine Bible verses in order to receive a Haitian Creole Bible.  The rain was coming down very hard, so hard that it was difficult to hear. Even so, these people pressed on to get a Bible.  We will try again next Sunday evening.  Hopefully it will not be raining, and many people will come to say the verses!  A total of 65 Bibles have been given out since January!

Three more people received Bibles Thursday, April 11, 2013 at the GVCM Christian church in Haut Ledier.

Monday night, April 8, 2013, 3 more people from the GVCM church in Haut Ledier, Haiti, earned a Bible.  When we began this program, our goal was to give out 200 Bibles for the year of 2013.  As we have learned over and over while living in Haiti, don't limit God to small amounts.  We praise God because we have already given out 50 Bibles, we have 50 more Bibles in our house waiting for people to memorize the 9 Bible verses, and we have just received enough money to buy 100 more Bibles!!  We are not even halfway through the year, and God has already provided our goal of 200 Bibles for the year 2013!  Please pray, because we have a proposal going to a church in America for another 100 Bibles.  Praise God!!!
 Received Bible April 8, 2013
 Received Bible April 8, 2013
Received Bible April 8, 2013
Thursday night, April 11, 2013, is the last night for people at the GVCM Christian Church in Haut Ledier to say all 9 verses in order to receive a Bible.  We are expecting a large crowd!  We have begun the program at two other churches in the area, and the people will begin saying the verses within the next couple of weeks.  

Monday night, January 28, 2013, was the final night for Bible distribution until March.  11 people said 9 Bible verses in order to receive a Haitian Creole Bible.  We have money for 39 more, but our goal is 150 more.  If you don't know what to get your Valentine, why not donate money for a Bible in Haiti.  Please visit to learn how to donate.  Only $12 will give a Haitian God's Word to read for him or herself.


 This little one knew all but the last two verses last Thursday night.  She was so sad that she wasn't 
able to say all of the verses, but tonight she was very happy!!

Thursday night, January 24, 2013, 17 people recited 9 Bible verses in order to receive a Haitian Creole Bible.  They ranged in age from 8 to 28.  We only have 14 Bibles left.  Please help us continue to hand out Bibles.  Your $12 donation gives a Haitian a Bible.  Please click here to donate.




So far we have had 17 people memorize 9 Bible verses in order to receive a Haitian Creole Bible.  I wish you could feel the excitement and joy when someone completes all nine verses!!  So far we have had donations for 67 Bibles.  Please visit to donate $12 for each Bible.

The first group, minus Mikerlanj.
 Wilber Piton

 The second group to complete all 9 verses.


 Sister Eliazet

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