Friday, April 22, 2011

Read-a-Thon a HUGE success!!!!!

This week we have been reminded how important it is to follow through with a vision God gives you, even if in the process things are not happening the way you thought or hoped that they would.

Several months ago we began praying for ways to get books for the library in Haiti.  The idea that God gave me was to have Read-a-Thons.  I was so excited to get children in America reading so that children in Haiti will have books to begin to learn to read.  However, I was so disheartened when several read-a-thons didn't happen.  Linda Tighe was so faithful to go through with the read-a-thons with the home-school groups.  The response was not what we had hoped for, but we were excited that several families answered the challenge to read in order to get money to buy Haitian Creole books for Haiti.  Now we know that the response was even better than we could have even thought or imagined.

This is the letter written by a twelve year old home-schooler's mom:

Jordan was so very excited to participate in the Read-a-thon.  We watched as the Lord performed a miracle in her as she read for this read-a-thon.  She has had an incredible journey learning to read with several mountains in the way.  But, between September and February, we saw several roadblocks removed by the Lord, and by the end of February she had read her first chapter book mostly by herself. (A Boxcar Children book)  Then, she decided that she "had" to participate in the read-a-thon, and then she set what we thought was a crazy goal.  Then, she decided that she would take on another challenge.  She would let those who sponsor her suggest books for her to read.  Well, one suggested a Chronicle of Narnia book.  After diligently reading a few chapter books on her level, she decided to take the challenge of reading a book that we felt was way above her level.  And, to our amazement, she succeeded with excitement!  She then went on to read a second book in the same series.  So, we went from The Cat in the Hat in September, to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in March!  After years of struggle with phonetic awareness and colored film, she is now reading on grade level and SHE LOVES IT!!!

We kept her sponsors updated with a weekly newsletter, which she had fun helping create.  All through this endeavor we have been praying for the children in Haiti and all who will be blessed by this library.  I, as the mother of a child who has recently unlocked the mystery of reading, and has, I believe, been healed, am very excited about what God can and will do with these books in the lives and hearts of those in Haiti.
Sincerely,  A home school mom

WOW!!!  I cannot believe the reading progress this girl was able to accomplish.  God obviously had this planned for her the whole time.  We never know what God is going to do.  He is so amazing and creative!!!  May the Lord continue to bless all involved with the opening of the Christian library and radio station.  I can't wait to see what He is going to do next!!!