Tuesday, June 26, 2012

English classes have started, and I am very busy!  I am teaching 4 classes each day to the orphans, 2 classes each day to the youth in the church, and a class using the Book of John each Tuesday night.  What a joy it is to teach a new language!!  So thankful to some teachers from Weatherford that donated some phonics readers, and David Malaska for donating English books from McGraw Hill! 

We have had several meetings for Haitians to get chicken coops.  This is in cooperation with Core and Fish Ministries.  Some of the chicken coops are supposed to be getting built this week.  Each person is given a loan of $3,000 US, but they don't actually receive the money.  They receive a chicken coop, education, help building the coop, 200 chickens every 6-7 weeks, feed, and immunizations for the chickens.  We are hoping this will help many families that need help feeding their family!

                                                            Chicken coop meeting.

The library furniture is looking amazing!!  Check out how great these book shelves look! 

                                                           The area for the children.

                                                          The area for the adults.

Jakob and Anderson, our neighbor friends, looked very suave for their first communion.  They had a huge party to celebrate. 

What an honor we had this past Saturday in driving Sheline's, our neighbor, wedding.  Of course, about 30 people tried to get in the back of the truck so we could drive them through town with them yelling and us honking.  We had to tell some people to get out because our tires were going flat!

                                                   This wedding lasted for 3 hours!!!

                                             Tracy and Joylinda's mom before the wedding.

Papi, our neighbor, Lauren, and the photographer at the wedding.    

Kevin and Tracy after the wedding.

Kevin and Ashley

We are headed to Tennessee Friday, June 30th, and then Texas July 9.
We will be back in Haiti July 25.