Wednesday, January 11, 2012

God has the Victory!

Yesterday we went to visit Whitnise. She was a teacher here at GVCM. She just got married last week in the mass wedding. We went to see her sweet two week old baby boy. As you go up the driveway to GVCM, there is a Y. To go to GVCM you go right. To get to her house you go left and follow the road, past the voodoo house with the red flag out front, until it dead ends at her house. The house ... is tiny, about 10x10, with a rough dirt floor, a curtain for a door, and chickens that come in and out of the house. Her baby is so cute and tiny! As I was holding the baby, Whitnise told Linda that I am the marran. That means I am the godmother! What an honor! Now my prayers are being lifted on high for this tiny child of God!! He has disease, hunger, and spiritual darkness to combat, but I know that Christ has the victory! I pray that praises to God on our radio station will change that area that is less than half a mile away! We are battling the prince of this world, but we know the winner!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Busy week for the radio station!

We are busy in Mirebalais this week! A marriage seminar is being held at the orphanage this week. Kevin is recording the pastor of the marriage conference and he will be playing it on the radio starting tomorrow. We are praying that many marriages in this area will be mended and/or made stronger through this seminar. We recorded the church in Mirebalais Sunday morning. It will play on the radio this Sunday night at 6:00. We also have a soccer tournament going on this week. Today the orphanage played against the school that meets at the orphanage. The school won, 2-0. Tomorrow the team from our neighborhood plays. We will be cheering them on! We plan on recording the final game of the tournament and playing it on the radio. God's work continues!