Haiti Radio Station

You can listen to samples of the radio programming by going to www.bolinsinhaiti.com .  

The amazing staff of Radio Vision Global.  March, 2014
Kevin Bolin, Junior Gauchie, Nickelson St. Eloi, Sister Eliezet, Ezekiel Decembre

Nickelson St. Eloi, Program Director of Radio Vision Global

Ezekiel Decembre, Youth Show Director

Sister Eliezet, Morning Devotion Director and Women's Bible Study Show

Junior Gauchie, Radio Vision Global's prayer warrior.  He says a prayer on the radio from 12 noon to 1:00 each weekday.

The birth of Radio Global Vision
4VEN 96.7!!!!

Putting up the tower for the antenna.
Louise putting 100 solar radios together that are pre-tuned to our station: 4VEN 96.7
The tower is getting taller.
The satellite that receives the signal from 4VEH in Cap Haitian.
The tower is getting taller!!  Yikes, no safety equipment!
Two of the guys that helped cement the tower and satellite dish. 
They were very excited to receive solar radios pre-tuned to 4VEN 96.7.

Orphan kiddos having fun sliding down the hill next to the antenna tower.

Perry working on the radio wire.

Men that helped put the radio antenna tower together.
The one on the right is very happy to have a solar radio pre-tuned to our station, 96.7

Jerry Adams is checking out the specifics for the radio station.

Jeff Benedict had a heart for the children. 
He also did an amazing job putting the satellite in the correct place to receive
the radio station from Cap Haitian, 4VEH.

Perry, Jeff, and Jerry almost have the radio station up and running!!

Louise is packed up and ready to leave. 

Louise, Perry, Jeff, and Jerry.  The four men that put
Radio Global Vision 4VEN 96.7 together! 

Louise, Perry, Jeff, Jerry, Kevin, Tracy

Mark Liberal giving a teacher at GVCM a solar powered radio
that is pre-tuned to Radio Global Vision 4VEN 96.7.

Mark Liberal giving another teacher a solar powered radio.

The preschool teacher getting a solar powered radio.

Handing out solar powered radios to people in Mirebalais, Haiti!

Nikki is working in the readio station of Radio Global Vision, 4VEN.
We are working with MFM (Men for Missions) to build a 300-watt radio station that will broadcast God’s Word to over 100,000 people in Mirebalais, Haiti. The radio station will be the only Christian radio station in the central plateau. Our calling is to share the love of Christ through radio. Our broadcast will be in Haitian Creole, and the station will be family focused. Since music is a large part of life in Haiti, Christian music and locally produced Christian talk radio programs will split airtime 50/50. Some ideas for talk radio shows are prayer requests, family matters related to the Bible, Bible story time, agriculture, health, local and international news, Bible study time, and Sunday church broadcasts. The radio station will be non-profit, and I envision music taking the place of commercials. To promote the station we will raise funds to purchase solar powered, fixed-tuned radios that will be given to places in the community where people can gather and listen. We will also raise funds to offer a series of revivals, and broadcast them over the radio. In order to make all this happen, we will need prayers and donations. The Bible says the devil rules the air. Please join us in launching direct attack at the devil. We estimate that $30,000 is needed to operate the station for the first year.

Tax deductible donations for this mission can be made online: