Friday, October 21, 2011

Our first week in Haiti!!

Monday: What an amazing day! Ashley started homeschooling, and then Ashley and I went to the GVCM Clinic To be pharmacists. We went with Doctor Luke, Nickelson, and Emmanuel. We saw 55 patients. I distributed the medicine, and Ashley distributed crayons and paper for the kids that were waiting. We played the New Testament in Creole while the people were waiting. Such sweet families! Kevin and Yves went to the river to get sand and got the truck stuck three times! Pastor Yves said, "we did pray today, didn't we?". Kevin said,"Oh, yes, Brother". They were able to get the sand needed in order to build the radio antenna tower, which should go up tomorrow! We are so excited to get the Word of God spreading through this area!

Tuesday: Nickelson, Kevin, Ashley, and I went into Port au Prince today in order to buy rope for the radio antenna tower. After we paid for the rope, Kevin and Nicki went back to get the rope cut. Ashley and I decided to wait at the exit for them, thinking that it should not take long. As we were waiting, I was smiling at people that were coming and going, trying to be friendly. Most people just looked at me like I was crazy and kept walking. One man smiled back kindly and walked out the door. A few seconds later, he came back in and asked me if I was from the states. I told him that yes, I was, expecting to get a story about how he needs some shoes, or how he always wanted to go to the states, could I take him. His next question was if I was a Christian. I told him,"Yes, I know Jesus!". He Said,"Well, okay. I was just going to tell you about Jesus if you didn't know.". Then he smiled and walked out of the store. God is working in a mighty way in this country!

Wednesday: Ashley, Kevin, and I started painting the rebar pieces that will make up the radio antenna tower. We started out in the sun, but we quickly moved to the shade. New lesson: It's cooler in the shade! Lol! We painted the sections three colors, red, white, and green. My legs and arms were spotted red, white, and green! :). Once school was out, we had several children surrounding us, and we practiced counting up to fifty In English and Creole. We sang "I have the joy in my heart" and other songs. It was so fun to just casually teach! During the evening, one of the cooks brought over some peas to shell. Ashley, Emmanuel, and several of the kids played a game for about an hour as they shelled peas.

Thursday: We spent the day watching the radio antenna tower go up and the base for the satellite dish get cemented in the ground. The radio antenna tower is now about 20 feet tall. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. The welder climbed up the rebar poles and used a bar with a pulley at the top to pull the next section of tower up. The kids all love to watch, but we are worried about their safety and shoo them off. Of course, it doesn't take long until they are right back watching. The tower going up is great entertainment! None of us have ever seen this before!

Friday (today): Kevin spent the day going into Port au Prince to get bolts and other items needed for the radio station. Ashley and I spent the first half of the day with Doctor Luke and Emmanuel at the clinic. When we were finished, we all started walking back to the orphanage. We decided to stop by our house in order to see if it was finished yet. The gate was locked, so we could not get in. Doctor Luke called Jude to come get us. While we were waiting, one of our new neighbors brought out plastic chairs for us to sit in. I think God has blessed us with good neighbors! The radio antenna tower is now up to 40 feet in the air! It is amazing to watch heavy rebar sections of tower lifted into place, high above the ground, without any power equipment. I love watching Haitian ingenuity! We are praying that the station will be on air by Tuesday. One little orphan boy, Evanson, fell asleep on my lap this evening while we were watching the slow progress of the tower. So sweet! I also took care of one of the men's toe when it was cut on the wheelbarrow. Our days are blessed by God!