Sunday, August 21, 2011

Teacher Training Trip Was Huge Success!!!

Teachers of 2011
Teacher Training Trip is Huge Success!
This year's teacher training trip consisted of 95 teachers. These teachers came from all over Haiti to hear what we had to say.

The Teacher Training Trip was Important to These Teachers !
The teacher training lasted three days. The teachers attended five classes a day. The teachers learned many new ways to teach, and they learned a few new facts, as well. To give some examples, they learned that there is such a thing as a north and souh pole. They learned where their country is on the map. They learned that rocks do NOT grow if you plant them, and much more. On the last day Shelly McCarty asked them if they were ready for it to be over, and they all screamed ,"NO ! "
Because of your donations we had just enough bags, and the teacher stuff to fill them. Once again, God provided everything that we needed. All Glory to Him!!
We are so thankful to every person that has helped us move into our temporary apartment and has helped with our getting ready to move to Haiti and in opening the radio station and library.  You are blessings to us and the people in Haiti!  God bless you!!!!!

the out side of the library/radio satation

inside the library
The above pictures
are of the library.
The top picture is the
outside, and the bottom
is one of the rooms inside.
The library and radio
station are coming
along very well.
We recently
got a new shipment
of books from our
good friend Daniel
in France.
It is getting closer to
our time to leave and
in order to do this
Kevin turned in and got
approved for a leave of
absence from Lowe's.
His last day was
August 12.

Please continue to
pray for our family,
as the devil
continues to attack us.

Kevin, Tracy, Lauren, & Ashley