Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happenings in Haiti

 Linda is telling this man that Jesus died for him.  He said that he is
not ready to accept Jesus, but we gave him a radio that will
continue to tell him about Christ.
Nikki telling people about Jesus and handing out solar radios that
are pre-tuned to Radio Vision Global 4VEN.

Our church posse!!  We are loaded up and headed to church!

Sweet Yolanda!!  This is Linda's one year old daughter.  We get to play with
her almost everyday!!

Kevin working in the radio station, surrounded by orphans!!

We delivered the first fifty solar radios!! What a joy it was to ask people if they listen to the radio, and to hear them say, "Wi, mwen tande Radio Vision Global!" "Yes, I listen to Radio Vision Global!" This station is making a positive impact in this community!! Several people recognized Nikki from his voice. He didn't really want people to know who he was, but too late, he is a star now! One lady ran up to us and said that she loved listening to the English show. I was so excited to hear her say that she listened to my show!