The Mission


The Lord has given us the opportunity to spread His Word in Mirebalais, Haiti.  As a result of prayer, asking the Lord to show us His purpose, we are stepping out in faith.  Through a series of events, the Lord has cast a vision within us to,
  1. Build a Christian library at a school in Mirebalais, Haiti.
  2. Build a Christian radio station in Mirebalais, Haiti.

Both of these projects will allow us to share God’s Word with over 100,000 people in Mirebalais. 

The Library:  We have been blessed with the resources to build and finish a 30'x40' building for the library.  We are now starting the process of furnishing the library with French and Haitian Creole books and study materials that are Christ centered.  The library will give over 200 students and 100 pastors the opportunity to read and study God’s Word in an encouraging environment. We are seeking financial donations or books written in Haitian Creole and French. We want to fill the library with Christian fiction, children’s books, Christian living, agriculture, social science, health, pastor commentaries, church resources, and text books. Once a week we will take a mobile library to schools in other areas to read to children and share literacy, build relationships, and spread God's Word. We will be the only Christian library on the Haitian central plateau. Our plan is to have the library open by September 2011. We estimate the cost of opening the library to be $30,000.   Please help us share the love of Christ through the wisdom and knowledge that will be gained through the library in Haiti.

The radio station:  We are working with MFM (Men for Missions) to build a 300-watt radio station that will broadcast God’s Word to over 100,000 people in Mirebalais, Haiti.  The radio station will be the only Christian radio station in the central plateau. Our calling is to share the love of Christ through radio. Our broadcast will be in Haitian Creole, and the station will be family focused. Since music is a large part of life in Haiti, Christian music and locally produced Christian talk radio programs will split airtime 50/50. Some ideas for talk radio shows are prayer requests, family matters related to the Bible, Bible story time, agriculture, health, local and international news, Bible study time, and Sunday church broadcasts. The radio station will be non-profit, and I envision music taking the place of commercials. To promote the station we will raise funds to purchase solar powered, fixed-tuned radios that will be given to places in the community where people can gather and listen. We will also raise funds to offer a series of revivals, and broadcast them over the radio. In order to make all this happen, we will need prayers and donations. The Bible says the devil rules the air. Please join us in launching direct attack at the devil. We estimate that $30,000 is needed to operate the station for the first year.

Tax deductible donations for this mission can be made online:

Help us make an impact: . We are asking for prayers and financial support. Our expenses to complete and operate the library and radio station, for the first year are $60,000. You can support our effort with a one-time gift, or a monthly pledge.  Please help us spread the gospel in Haiti.

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