Thursday, November 3, 2011

Radio GVCM is huge success!

Radio GVCM is spreading God's Word throughout the town of Mirebalais, Haiti, and the surrounding villages! The other night I was visiting one of my friends, and I asked her if she wanted her solar-powered radio turned on. She said,"Yes", so I turned it on. I thought the voices sounded like the cooks here at the orphanage. I ran down to the radio station room, and Madame Jeanette and Sister Lioniece were singing praise songs over the radio! How exciting it was to see the community be a part of the station! Next, some of the children sang over the radio. They sounded beautiful!

Our house is coming along. We had a setback yesterday. Water started pouring out of the electrical box when it started raining. The owner came to fill the open pipes on the roof with cement. Hopefully that will keep a waterfall from flowing down the wall of pur bedroom! :)

We went to Port-au-Prince today to get a propane stove. First, we checked at the office to see if we could find the black tops for Michael and Renea's stove. Praise God, we found them! I can't wait to try to make chocolate chip cookies! I made a banana pudding last night using evaporated milk because I didn't have any regular milk. It tasted pretty good.

Things here are already starting to feel not as foreign as the first week. The sound of the language is familiar, but I am still waiting for the Holy Spirit to come on me like at Pentecost so I can know the language! This week has not been a good week for language learning because we have been so focused on the house. I had no idea it would take so long to put screen up on the bars.

We are having Bible study at our house tomorrow night! I am so excited to have our first event! I am praying for a good study and good fellowship!
Serving Christ,
Tracy Bolin