February 20, 2013
Be still before the Lord and wait…-Psalm 37:7
Unexpected God moments. The sweetest and truest of moments. You never know when or where or how but He moves, and when He does it's always beautiful to watch. Like on a makeshift soccer field. On an Island. On a night like any other. Except this night was destined to be different.
The game was supposed to begin at 6. Two hours later there was still no sign of life on the field. Not that this was very unusual. This was Haiti after all and here time is not money. Time is. Well. Time is just time. Not something you put too much stock into. Mom and I sat on the rocks as we waited. The night balmy. All the usuals where there. Mingling. Socializing. Chatting. As we talked about everyday what-nots one little boy began to question us about sin.
"If I killed someone, is that a sin?"
"If I did not go get water for my mom when she asked is that a sin?"
"But the sin where I killed someone, that is bigger sin right?"
What followed from this was a moment like no other. It was one of those funny ways that God moves. It was one of those awesome ways that God moves. We explained that in God's eyes all sin is the same. If you do not repent from the sin of not obeying your mother you will not go to heaven, just like if you do not repent from murder. As we explained all this he became quiet and just stared. Wanting to make sure he fully understood what we were saying, mom gave him a tract which would explain the gospel and salvation. Another little boy, who had been listening, asked for a tract as well. As he looked through it, he asked for a whole stack so that he could pass them out to everyone there.
Now in America tracts most often get tossed away the moment they are received but not here. Not in this place hungry for something more. I watched as the little boy began to pass out the stack of tracts. I watched, heart full of gladness and shock as here and there little clusters would form around lights so people could better read the tracts. They did not toss them down. They didn't just put them in pockets to read later. Right then. Right there. They opened them. They read them. They began to know more.
It was amazing to see so many little seeds being planted in one place. All because of a delayed soccer game. All because of two little boys just asking questions. All because of openness. A willingness to be ready for how and where God wants to move. You just have to wait and watch. And He will move in the best of ways. The most amazing of ways. The funniest of ways.
-Lauren Bolin with Ashley Perkins

The radio station is up and running!!  God has surprised us with the donation of a professionally engineered 85 foot tower.  It should be arriving any day, and we are very excited to get it put up!  We also just learned that the equipment needed to make live remote broadcasts has been donated!  God has shown us over and over that He has a plan for this radio station! 

We are broadcasting our own shows for part of each day and all night.  Each weeknight, from 7:00 pm until 8:00 pm, Nikki takes calls for people requesting prayer.  Then, each weekday, from noon until 1:00 pm, a pastor, usually Mark Liberal, prays for each person that called in the previous night.  We are so encouraged to have many callers from Sudo, which is known as a place for Voodoo.  Many callers request prayer for deliverance and for stronger faith.  We have a playlist of 30 songs that is created for each day.  During this time, three chapters of the Bible are played each day.  A chapter from the Bible is played, then three songs, and the next chapter, and so on. 

A man named Maxo texted to let us know that he has come to realize that Jesus died for him.  He said that as he listened to the Bible read each day, he felt like it was just for him.  He has gone to church all of his life, but he now knows that Jesus died for him.  He has plans to be baptized soon.

We have hit a snag with the Read-a-Thons.  Linda Tighe is doing the Read-a-Thon with the homeschool groups, but so far that is the only Read-a-Thons that are happening right now. 

I am so excited that we have received 60 textbooks written in Haitian Creole.  Most of them are science and social science textbooks, which is exactly what the teachers in Haiti are wanting more information about!!  God is so good to provide exactly what is needed!!

Please continue to pray that we will get the monthly support that we need in order to live in Haiti full time.  2/21/11

GVCM has voted to buy the radio station equipment!!!  The read-a-thons will begin in March.  These will earn money for books for the library. 

 Please pray that we will get support to live in Haiti and to build our house.  Please pray that God would set the desire on people's hearts to join our team with prayers and financial support.  Pray that our family will glorify God through all that we do!!!

We have a shipment of 90 books on the way from France!!  The people of France are so giving!!!

ACSI France is donating a shipment of books for the library.  THANK YOU, DANIEL!

The Radio station will be using a down link from Radio 4veh in Cap Haitian. Praise God ! we will be able to broadcast his word 24/7 and do our own local programming.

Check out the link and listen live to Radio 4veh http://radio4veh.org/

I want to give a praise. Today we received our first donation of french books for the library in Haiti. They were donated by ACSI France. God is Good!

Lumiere Vie is sending some books from France!!!  The library is steadily growing!!!

We will be starting read-a-thons in local schools in March.  Please pray that the American students will read a lot so the Haitian people will have books to read!!

We have 30 library bound books coming from Florida!!  The Rotary Club of Spring Hill Central has access to 30 text books that teachers in Florida chose to have translated into Creole.  Thank you, Mike!!


                            THANK YOU SO MUCH LUMIERE VIE!!   1/20/11