Haiti Library

February 16, 2013

We are so blessed to have such a beautiful library.  The library opened Tuesday and Wednesday for pastors to study.  Friday it was opened for the orphans, and Lord willing it will open next week for the school.  Please pray that all who enter would know the joy of the Lord and draw closer to Him.

May 2012.  The library furniture is being built!!

The entryway to the library.  Notice the boxes of books to the left! :)

Carl is working very hard on the bookshelves for the library!! 
All handmade bookshelves and desk!

The bookshelve are coming along nicely!  Carl and his friend
are sleeping in the library so they can work nonstop! 
God is providing!!!!

  We have been blessed with the resources to build and finish a 30'x40' building for the library. We are now starting the process of furnishing the library with French and Haitian Creole books and study materials that are Christ centered. The library will give over 200 students and 100 pastors the opportunity to read and study God’s Word in an encouraging environment. We are seeking financial donations or books written in Haitian Creole and French. We want to fill the library with Christian fiction, children’s books, Christian living, agriculture, social science, health, pastor commentaries, church resources, and text books. Once a week we will take a mobile library to schools in other areas to read to children and share literacy, build relationships, and spread God's Word. We will be the only Christian library on the Haitian central plateau. Our plan is to have the library open by January, 2012. We estimate the cost of opening the library to be $30,000. Please help us share the love of Christ through the wisdom and knowledge that will be gained through the library in Haiti.

Daniel, with ACSI France, received 12 new books from the Swiss Publishing House RDF “Realités de la Foi Digest’, check webpage. www.rdf.ch that are to be donated to The Learning for Life Center in Haiti. Mr. Christian Strahm donated the books.
We have also found out that McGraw-Hill has math and geography books available with Haitian Creole and French PDF files. We have plans to print these PDF files and attach them to the books. A sales representative for McGraw-Hill, David Malaska, is donating these books to The Learning for Life Center.

Please join us in providing books to educate the Haitians by making a tax-deductible donation to www.cten.org/kevinbolin . Our goal is to open the library with 1,000 books. Currently, we have 800 books for the library.


"God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son." I John 5:11b