Monday, August 27, 2012

The Chicks Have Arrived!!!

As of today, 10 families in Piton, Haiti, have a new chicken business.  They have 200 chicks to raise for 6 weeks.  After that, they will need to sell them in order to be ready for the next 200 chicks.
 320 bags of chicken feed arrives.
 All 10 families were involved in storing the food.
 We opened each box of 100 chicks.
 Natasha with her chicken feed, waterers, and feeders.
 Natasha's first box of chicks.
 Boy with Natasha's second box of chicks.
 The chicks inside Natasha's chicken house.
 The chicks going free in another chicken house.
 Chicken house on the left, people house on the right.
 The chicken house is bigger than the people house.
 Delivering the chicks to a secured chicken house.
 Helping the chicks go free.
 Encouraging the chicks to move about.
 Chicks go free at another chicken house.
 Rehydration water is ready.

 Getting the rehydration water ready.
 Getting the rehydration water ready.
 Woman with her family in front of chicken house.
 American flag door with chicks going free.
 Chicks arrive at another house.
 One family that received their chicks today.
 Rehydration water is ready.
Chicks at the last house.
For $3,000 your family can provide a chicken business for a Haitian family.  It is the opportunity of a lifetime for the Haitian family and your family.  They will earn money to feed their family, and you can teach your family that it is more blessed to give than to receive.
Contact Kevin Bolin at for further information.

Library furniture is complete!!!

Here are some pictures of the new library furniture!!!

 Librarian counter.  I LOVE the carving!!!!
 Art display case
 Bookshelves with display case in the center
 Carl, designer and builder
 Library chairs
 One of the two tables
 The swinging door on the librarian counter
 Eventz, builder
 The inside of the librarian counter
Bookshelves with the other table

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eat more chicken!!

                                                   The first completed chicken coop!!!

As of today, August 15, 2012, four chicken coops have been completed!  The families are so excited to see progress for their new capital venture taking shape.  The first baby chicks, just one day old, are set to arrive on August 25.  The other six chicken coops will need to be completed before then. 

The second chicken coop.  Dad is off helping build another chicken coop.

Exciting news!!  The week after August 25, we will begin the process all over with 14 new families.  Thank you to our loving Heavenly Father, GVCM, Kore Foundation, Fish Ministries, and the Kellogg Foundation for partnering with our family in helping bring jobs to these Haitian families.  Providing food lasts for one meal, but self-sustainability lasts a lifetime!

The third chicken coop.

Thank you to all of our prayer and financial supporters!! This was not part of our original plan, but God knew that you would not only be bringing the joy of God's Word to this area through the radio and library, but also be helping these Christian families provide food for their families.
Do you want to learn about sponsoring a chicken coop family?
A $3,000 donation will provide a chicken coop for one family, which will then be reinvested in another family once that loan is paid off.
For details and more information, contact Kevin Bolin at

The fourth chicken coop.