Monday, September 26, 2011

2 Weeks to Go!!

We have been packing what we will need for a few months to send it ahead to Florida. Then it will fly with us on Missionary Flights International. Here is the plan, but we know God has the real plan!!
9/27/2011: ship 700 pounds to Florida.
9/30/2011: Ashley's last day at Trinity Christian Academy
10/11/2011: Kevin, Tracy, and Ashley fly to Florida
10/13/2011: Kevin, Tracy, and Ashley fly to Port au Prince, Haiti
10/19/2011: missionaries from HCJB and Men for Missions come to Mirebalais, Haiti to install the radio equipment for Radio Global Vision radio 4VEN. The evangelical voice of the nation.
10/20/2011: Radio Global Vision 4VEN is on the air, fighting the prince of the kingdom of the air!!!!
10/22/2011: Lauren finishes varsity volleyball with Trinity Christian Academy
10/24/2011: Lauren flies to Port au Prince, Haiti.
The Bolins begin language and cultural training.
February: Trinity Bible Church team flies to Haiti to distribute Christmas shoeboxes. The library books arrive!!!
Early spring: the library is opened!!!