Monday, June 9, 2014

Future Hope

Future Hope is a vision that God gave to Jeremy and Katie Salsbury and Kevin and Tracy Bolin in Haiti. Our hope is that individuals in Haiti will receive training, employment, and JESUS while learning to make a craft that will be sold online. Our prayer is that by doing this they can earn a living wage and better their life while at the same time learning about Jesus and his plan and love for them.

Our first step on the Haiti end is planting coconut trees. These trees will take several years to start producing. Again, God has led the way. A generous family from Kansas donated funds to plant 100 trees in Haiti. Last week the first 20 were planted. Local farmers in Haiti who agree will be able to plant and care for the trees and keep 1/2 of the produce. This will give their families new opportunities, as well as provide resources for Future Hope to use!

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