Monday, October 20, 2014

Solar powered radios bring knowledge of eternal life!

 How can a radio change a life?  One man in Mirebalais asked Nikki Saint-Eloi, 4VEN's station manager, for a solar powered radio that is pre-tuned to our Christian station along with the New Testament in Creole. Nikki found one for him and gave it to him.
 A few weeks later, the man saw Nikki and told him thank you. After listening to the radio and the New Testament, he came to understand that Jesus died to take the punishment of his sins.  He had placed his trust in Jesus' blood to save him, and he was now worshiping the Lord in a church each Sunday.
 Praise God for the people that listened to the Lord and donated money to buy radios!  Praise God for a station manager that listens to people and wants to help them know the Lord! Praise God for a radio station that declares the Lord's faithfulness.  Praise God for the teams that come to hand out radios in the Mirebalais area!
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